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ALDI NORD Digital-& Social Media Marketing


ALDI NORD just launched its social media activities in the fall of 2018. How did they manage a spectacular start on Instagram? Using self-deprecation! In the opening spot, ALDI employees try to impress a store customer with various viral internet trends, such as the Harlem Shake and the ice bucket challenge. But the customer stays cool and always responds, “Seen it already!” Yes, it’s all been seen before – but seldom staged in such a funny way. The media and the community have showered the spot with praise. The same applies to the subsequent content. “Grandma Ehrlich,” a 58-year-old from the Ruhr Valley, inspires the community with her recipes and her sassy remarks. In addition to the Grandma Ehrlich posts, current ALDI products are also being staged in special ways. TERRITORY MEDIA ensures the appropriate attention through paid measures. The Instagram posts and Instagram stories are extended using feeds and story ads. Specific targeting measures bring the content to potential customers.

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