Laptop screen: Haix

HAIX Performance Media

Top Ratings for a Hidden Champion

HAIX, one of the leading manufacturers of functional footwear for work and leisure, is constantly breaking new ground with new collections, innovative product developments and improved manufacturing processes. TERRITORY MEDIA supports HAIX in strengthening its brand presence and increasing its reach online and offline. The aim is to simultaneously position the brand as a premium supplier in the fire and rescue service, forestry, workwear, military, police and cross-nature sectors as well as a provider of high-quality clothing and footwear for leisure activities. The TV commercials, which already have won several awards, emotionalize the perception of the brand and inform viewers about HAIX’s extensive product range. The broadcast is continuously optimized through the analysis of the internet pages and the web shop as well as the targeted conversion and tracking of TV-induced search queries. TERRITORY MEDIA has contributed to making this “hidden champion” visible. The number of visitors to the HAIX websites, the commercial demand and brand awareness have increased significantly.

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