Managing integrated brand communication from a single perspective and filling content spaces for a brand across all target groups instead of sending individual messages involves an increase in complexity. We at TERRITORY combine the necessary skills and expertise for this under a single roof.


The “what” is inseparable from the “where” and the “how.” That is why we serve our clients from data analysis as well as strategy and creation development to in-house production, distribution and marketing from a single source. This enables us to reduce complexity.

That’s also why we focus on brand content and dialogue that are based on true stories, backgrounds and interests – regardless of whether it’s content marketing, influencer and social media campaigns, or employer branding. This consistently results in brand communication that is honest, active and effective at the same time.

Our Brand Mission Statement

Brand management is more dynamic, more interactive and more collaborative than ever. Rigidly defined brand models no longer fit these parameters. We seek out and find suitable brand territories for our clients: content spaces that serve as an authentic basis and at the same time as a dynamic, varied playing field for all brand communication.
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We are one agency, and yet many. We have generalists – as well as experts in all conceivable fields. We create content and operate platforms. We handle recruitment, but also sales. We believe in a brand territory for all activities – and we believe that all activities should pay into a brand territory. We are TERRITORY.

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