Our groundbreaking work. It is not always the publications, sites or films that have won the most awards. It is the examples that best show how we approach a project, how we translate the task into communication and how we constantly ensure the best fit for the brand.

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Workplace VW
VW Internal Communications Information and Identification, Every Day and Everywhere
Staff members of GMH
GMH Group Content Strategy Twenty Becomes One
Rossmann: happy familiy
Rossmann Brand Content For Parents, for Beauties, for Everyone
Das Magazin - Bosch
Robert Bosch Stiftung Corporate Communication New Appearance, Strong Values, Captivating Topics
Hornbach Brand Content The Blog that Transforms “Doing” into an Attitude
Covestro Teaserbild: Zwei erwachsene im Labor
Covestro Employer Media Innovative Campaign Planning for an Innovative Employer