Digital and Social Media Marketing

Stay realistic, but try the impossible. The digital world makes marketing more fractal and presents companies with enormous challenges when it comes to brand management.

Which strategy should you choose, and which channels should you use? How do you find the central brand idea that inspires people and can be implemented in countless formats? How do you orchestrate the various measures and then gauge their success, and which KPIs do you use? We provide answers that bring our clients’ business to the forefront – whether for specific questions or as part of our full service.




We’ve never been closer to the public than we are today. All we have to do now is listen carefully. Our main concern is to understand how people are really wired and what motivates them. That’s why we meticulously analyze who is talking about brands (and where and how), identify both popular and critical topics, as well as trends and opinion leaders. We observe the behavior of the users and their relationship to their social environment, compare this knowledge with the briefing and then develop a central idea.

Operating Strategically

What is the best way to deal with the complexity of media and the demands of global brand management? Strategically! For example, by defining the cornerstones of what we do: Who do we want to reach, and with what content? What environments are suitable for this? What role should mobility play? How can the established reach be monetized? Where do we enlist multipliers in the process? When do we do what? And how do we use media as effectively as possible? As a full-service agency for alternative marketing, all departments at TERRITORY WEBGUERILLAS work hand in hand. This ensures that all strategically relevant questions are always in focus. Even before the creation begins.

Simplifying the Complex

Simplicity is a crucial key to success – when conveying messages, when preparing decision templates and in the entire campaign management. That’s why we make everyday life as easy as possible for our clients. For example, through clearly structured processes tailored to the specific needs. Through striking reports and dashboards. By getting to the point faster and using intelligent tools for cross-media and global campaign management.

Providing Innovative Solutions

Fresh ideas provide the strength to make brands more vibrant, strong and successful. This is why we aspire to discover new things for our clients and to be the first to use them. Whether it’s about new and interesting web offers, technologies that open up new opportunities or social trends that are relevant for your brand – we want to set mobile and digital standards for you, with the knowledge of state-of-the-art possibilities worldwide.


We consult renowned companies as well as help establish young brands: nationally, internationally, and often in cooperation with the existing lead agency. Our cross-industry expertise is based on more than 15 years of brand and corporate experience.


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