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How to use opinion makers as brand makers: TERRITORY INFLUENCE develops strategies and campaigns to achieve the communication goals of companies and brands through collaboration with influencers.

The reach and persuasiveness of opinion makers are used to make brands known to the target group by way of high-quality and authentic content or to increase product trials. TERRITORY INFLUENCE has access to one of the largest databases in Europe and covers a broad spectrum from locally operating micro influencers to star influencers.


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How We


If you want to make a new product known, reach specific target groups, encourage product experiences or create user-generated content for brands, influencer marketing is a must. Influencers initiate dialogue about brands, enable product experiences and create authentic content for their respective followers and friends.

Developing Strategies

We create custom solutions for influencers – whether everyday influencers who test products, category influencers who inspire followers with high-quality content, or star influencers who reach a large audience. Different types of influencers have different strengths; we develop solutions that play out these strengths depending on the communication goal.

Activating Influencers

Over four million influencers in 14 European countries, proprietary algorithms, data-based selection procedures and technology-supported processes – with the experience gained from 1,500 campaigns and our own software, we ensure custom selection and professional support. This allows companies to build on existing customer data, build their own influencer pools or even access our pools – regardless of whether they want to activate one or 10,000 influencers for their marketing goals.

Delivering Results

Every influencer campaign can be followed online via dashboards. Clients receive individual evaluations with strategic recommendations for action; results can be measured with partners such as IRI or Nielsen. Depending on the objective, we offer different options for tracking the success of our campaign.



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